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therapy, but desaturate during exercise. The general aim is to study risk factors and co-morbidity in asthma and copd with special emphasis on systemic and local inflammation, and the analyses are performed using data from several population studies. During 2013-16 we have been working on the SHE study, a unique 10-year follow-up of a community-based cohort of women including repeated full-night polysomnography. Publication: Dog characteristics and future risk of asthma in children growing up with dogs. The study includes questionnaires to patients and Health care centres as well as structured reviews of patient records. The study uses patients record data merged with data from national registries. The praxis study is a study of copd patients and asthma patients from Primary Care Health Centres (pchcs) and Hospital outpatient clinics in the. Note that clouds do not block most UV light.

Our research is mainly däckfynd helsingborg ab epidemiological in design and we follow two unique population-based cohorts (one male and one female) prospectively who were investigated for sleep disorders at baseline and followed for health outcomes. Also analyses of blood samples is ongoing. During 20 our group coordinated a large epidemiological study in asthma and copd through the GA2LEN network. The first phase include approximately 2000 patients with asthma and copd, these patients were followed up 2012. The dogs were classified by sex, breed, number, size and alleged hypoallergenicity.

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