Raceone göteborgsvarvet

raceone göteborgsvarvet

in order to break. As I warm up I feel my legs coming to life. Full time or part time in Gothenburg. The new main partner ÅF, together and Göteborgsvarvet, invited all participants to free public transport for three days. To be honest, I have met few athletes talking more about their bowel movements than runners.

raceone göteborgsvarvet

Resultatet göteborgsvarvet 2018

Many of the previous winners were running among them Mats Erixon, Midde Hamrin and Evy Palm. . Again, new record of runners in Lilla Göteborgsvarvet race. The big news was that the main city avenue Kungsportsavenyn was ran in both directions with the statue Poseidon as the rounding point. The race was a tough task due to the extreme weather with almost 30 degrees Celsius on some parts of the course and strong headwinds. National TV broadcasted the race for the first time, and a lot of people followed Victor Kipchirchir, Kenya, when he crushed the old record with 27 seconds and crossed the finish line with the incredible time of 1:00:25. . By making the experience live with results, GPS-tracking, video, photos and much more.