Patchus maximus sse

patchus maximus sse

below Immersive NPCs in the Dark. Wildcat makes similar modifications to the same AI data, so Enhanced Enemy AI is redundant unless you prefer it over the Wildcat. Both mods include game settings changes (block effectiveness, etc and the mod that is lower in your load order will take precedence and override these changes in the other mod. Vigor - Combat Injuries: Third party compatibility patch available ( classic ). Perkus Maximus (PerMa Compatible. Patchus Maximus (PaMa Add Apocalypse to the PaMa block list. Wildcat overlaps with other mods that modify combat styles (AI including enemy aggressiveness, power attack chance, block chance etc game settings (block chance, dual cast multipliers, regeneration multiplier in battle, NPC spell costs, etc) and movement types (movement speeds).

Realistic Damage Plugin: Load the Realistic Damage Plugin below, combat Evolved or it will not work correctly. Better Spell Learning: Compatibility patch available on the Better Spell Learning page ( classic sSE ). Both mods include game settings (block effectiveness, bash stamina costs, etc and the mod that is lower in your load order will take precedence and override these changes in the other mod. It is therefore compatible with any other mods that modify levelled turist lund lists. Animal Tweaks seems to contain game setting changes that are far outside its domain, such as difficulty settings, so load Wildcat below Animal Tweaks to allow Wildcat's settings to take precedence. The Requiem community recommends specific settings for Wildcat to match the vision of Requiem and eliminate overlap. Apocalypse distributes its own tomes, scrolls and staves, and PaMa will add duplicates unless it is prevented from doing.

Leave "Allow Wildcat to manage difficulty" disabled in the Wildcat MCM to prevent Wildcat from overriding Requiem. To prevent asis Increased Spawns from creating duplicates of illusory phantoms, follow these instructions. A small number of enemies added by Skyrim Immersive Creatures have their own custom AI and may not benefit as much from the improved AI in Wildcat. Apocalypse is compatible with other spell packs. Weapon Parry Standalone: Compatible. Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim: Compatible. Vigor - Combat and Injuries: Compatible, but with some overlap.

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