Sampa lhundrup bön text

sampa lhundrup bön text

pray: O Guru Rinpoche, as you are the emanation of Amitabha, It is certain. Ngabgyé tama tsödü nyikma la Now in this dark age, the age of conflict, the final era of five hundred years, semchen tamché nyönmong duk nga rak The five poisons of the negative emotions grow more violent in all sentient beings nyönmong jol nyok duk. Guru Mighty Exorciser of Evil Spirits, against robbery, guru Vajra Armour, against assailants, guru Purifier of the Pain of Rebirth, for the moment of death. When we are overwhelmed by karma and circumstance, And suffer through grasping at delusion as real, With no trace of doubt of hesitation we pray: O Guru Rinpoche, King of Great Bliss, You will utterly destroy the delusions that bring suffering. When obstacles arise in earth, water, vandrarhem göteborg linnegatan fire and air To threaten these illusory bodies of ours with destruction, With no trace of doubt or hesitation we pray: O Guru Rinpoche, with the goddesses of the four elements, You will harmonize the elements into their natural. Up above, the gods and demons will be thrown into chaos and turmoil; down below, the ngas and nyens will be cast into turmoil; in-between, the local deities will be pitched into turmoil; rulers who perpetrate evil will writhe in turmoil; ordinary people will.

Namshyik tsé zé chiwé dü jung tsé When this lifespan is exhausted, and we come to lägenhetshotell stockholm hammarby sjöstad die, né chö dukngal drakpö nyenpa na If we are racked by the intense anguish and pain of dying, yinyi tetsom mepar solwa deb With no trace of doubt. Sickness, war and famine will spread; armies from the borderlands invade; ghosts, obstructors and jungpo demons suddenly run rampant. While your wisdom body subjugates the rakshasas in the south-west, You look on sentient beings everywhere with compassion, Magnificent guide for sentient beings led astray by ignorance, Skilfully you teach them with their emotions so difficult to tame. These were his words. lé ngen chepé nammin tü kyepé. Compassionate one, you safeguard the lands that practise Dharma: To the Lotus-born Guru of Orgyen we pray! In the Male Water Dragon year (1352 Tulku Zangpo Drakpa took out the terma from the temple of Rulak Gyang, and entrusted it to the great vidydhara Rigdzin Chenpo Gödem Truchen (1337-1408 who deciphered it from the kin code. Namo Guru: Homage to the Guru! This prayer should be kept in the hearts of all those with faith, who wish to benefit the land of Tibet, pacify illness, prevent famine and border invasions, and contribute to the welfare of the teachings and beings. Your compassion is unbroken in its kindness and its love. At a time like this, let your compassion be our refuge and protection.

sampa lhundrup bön text

Sampa lhundrup, the Prayer to Guru Rinpoche that Spontaneously Fulfills All Wishes.
Emaho: In Dewa chen, Blissful pure realm of the west Dwells Amitabha, whose Great Compassion was arroused: His blessing took form as Padmasambhava, Coming to this world to bring benefit to beings.
Therefore there is no Indian version of this text.
You can choose whether to recite it in English or Tibetan.
Either way, you should know the meaning of what you are reciting, not just mouthing words.