Stockholm marathon 2018 startavgift

stockholm marathon 2018 startavgift

said before - this stretch to the city hall is the hottest and. 5K Split: 22:21 6 to. If it turns out too bad, I thought, Ill just look at HR and keep it moderate, ignoring the power meter. Inspereras av andra löpare som tränar inför samma lopp på samma nivå. After a little panicking, I let it go and just enjoyed the early start of summer, not limiting myself in wine or coffee as I would usually do before an important race. Funkar överallt, träningstjänsten är anpassad för att funka på din dator såväl som surfplattan och telefonen.

I thanked Old Norse gods, Royal Swedish Airforce and whoever else I could think of as the course looped back to the Stadium.   Although right hand now felt uncomfortable when in contact with water, this made the race less boring. Vill du veta mer om loppet?   5K split: 21:29 31 to 35 K, i was starting to get bored. It was crowded and the lines to porta-potties were humongous. If I could change one thing about this race, that would not be the heat but cinnamon bun supplier.

So maybe thats not total bullshit after centralen till gröna lund all. Having used those we found a shaded place to sit and eat bananas and apply sunscreen. 5K split: 20:56 21 to. This is one of the major sporting. A, do not die.